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VR-EXP Inc provides custom virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for business trade show displays, museums, and education purposes. 

A spin-out company of PlacesMobile Inc, our team is expansive and dynamic, having been a VR content provider for Google since 2012.  Our capabilities and resources are as good as it gets, providing your organization with high-end displays that are designed for deep client engagement for branding and education.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee

Leveraging virtual reality at your trade show booth is a highly effective strategy to attract all event attendees.  Often long lines form at trade show booths that have a high quality VR experience, providing your sales team with a steady stream of prospects to talk with. 

Our VR / AR / Apps are completely unique customizations specific to each client organizational needs and requirements. Due to the sensitive nature of each of our projects we do not display them on our website.  We welcome you to fill out and submit the online form below and we'll follow up with you and share some of our work on a secure connection.

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